Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.... 

Another season, another single.  Our new Small Town Bruises EP is almost ready to go, but until then have a listen and take a look at our latest single, "Shake, Shake".  Recorded at Music Feeds Studios by Cat Colman onto some seriously ancient 2-inch tape, with 2 drummers, heaps of guitars, a romp through the unconscious, and a chorus that just won't quit. Seriously.

We're on tour at the moment so there's a decent chance we'll be playing near you.  Come out, come out!



Holy Moly...we kind of dropped the ball here, but we've had our little Kickstarter campaign going for nearly a month now and we are getting dangerously close to pushing it over the finish line as it's about to wrap up in less than 72 hours now.  We've got our new Small Town Bruises EP all done and dusted and we'd like to have hard copies available to sell at shows.  It's a fading world, these phyisical copies and whatnot, but we still get heaps of requests and we ran out of all our old releases earlier this year.  Now when someone asks us for a record, all we can do is shrug (which we are very good at these days), and say "If you just look online....".

Not very inspiring.

So here's what we've got going on.  Hop on board if you're down to help a struggling independent band and we'll throw some pretty sweet rewards your way.

Royal Chant Kickstarter

big hugs xoxo

+More better fun live yee-haw!+ 

2013 in camp Royal Chant has largely been a success by our measure, and though it will be kind of sad to say good-bye to our Panic & Cash Tour, we can do so knowing that this has probably been the most fun we've had in ages.  The songs are flowing, the laughter is ringing, and no matter what happens things are infused with a renewed sense of optimism that we haven't felt for a long, long time.

With our supplies of stickers, EPs, & LPs reaching dangerously low levels (and no funds to resupply them), plus our contiunued lack of any other merch, means that souvenirs and keepsakes are few and far between, unless you've been unlucky enough to grab one of our set lists or snap an awkward photo with us (our fault, not yours).  To help remedy that, we were lucky enough to capture one of our recent sets at FBi Social.  Not only is it one of our favourite venues, but it happens to fall under the umbrella of our favourite radio stattion, FBi 94.5 Sydney.  Without this radio station I don't like to ponder where we might be today.  Possibly still kicking around, but certainly with our heads and spirits much, much lower.

Without further ado, here's us belting out 7 songs at 1:15 PM on an overly bright, crisp day in Kingscross.  Not many people in the room, but that was to be expected, since most of our fans rarely, if ever, get up before 3 in the afternoon.  Grab it for free and give it a blast.  It was a good day, and we're glad we get a chance to remember it.

<iframe width="300" height="410" style="position: relative; display: block; width: 300px; height: 410px;" src="" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0"><a href="">Live on FBi by Royal Chant</a></iframe>

Super-duper special thanks to Ben Hyde for saving the day on skins (and doing an outstanding job of it), and to Dan Nash for putting up with us behind the desk.  Gentlemen, we owe you beers and more.  Someday we'll actually be good for them.

That's pretty much all from here....say hi if it's been a while, and make sure you come out to one of our upcoming shows.  You can get a look at our new touring drummer Stephen, as well as help us say good-bye to both the Panic & the Cash.



Hello we say, as we wipe the sleep from our eyes and adjust the drawl in our voices to reflect just which country we're in.

We're home from the the USA. It was fun, amongst other things, and might possibly have been productive. That remains to be seen.

We've got some new shows coming up, in a new format, but for now, here a souvenier from our time abroad. This is a live recording of RC, captured from our second gig in NYC, which was at the Bar East Ale House on the Upper East Side. We went in not expecting much but walked off stage with the buzz under our skin and our faces flush.

You can grab a copy of Royal Chant - Live in Manhattan from the Royal Chant Bandcamp. Pay what you will, and yes, that means nothing at all if that's all you can muster at the moment. Believe us, we understand. Play it loud, tell a friend, rinse, repeat.

Catch you soon. Shows in less than 2 weeks, and more to say on that....later.


Hello from NYC xoxo 

 Hey folks,

thought we'd reach out from across the world for once and say hi from a different country/continent/hemisphere/time zone.  The band is safe and sound in NYC, loving every waking minute of it, and the unwaking ones as well.  We've already played 2 shows, and we're about an hour and a half away from heading in the The Fort in Brooklyn to record our next single.  We're not sure what song we'll record, but we're hoping a nice democratic process will unfold.  If not we can always wrestle.  

Check our dates and see if we're coming to a tonw near you.  We're here for 6 more days before we head South, which will be a whole 'nother adventure in itself.  I (Mark), can't wait to show the rest of the band grits.  Pics for sure.

Play it loud and sing along, see you soon xoxo


What's up with what's going down?  

Hello hello,

it's that time of the year when...nothing really happens.  Yeah, sort of those Winter doldrums which are bad regardless of whether you are jam packed in the city or cold & lonely out in the country.  It's just boring and blah and somewhat nippy in the air but nowhere near cold enough for it to snow (thus depriving us of a bit of diversionary fun).  So, we sit and practice, or call off practice due to sheer boredom & drink (which rather destroys any possible advantages of having free time), or do any number of things to keep ourselves occupied.  Lots of tea, reading, writing, and feline attention. 

We also think of what's on the horizon, which happen to be a few choice shows and the upcoming release of the new Royal Chant album, our Sleep Quintet EP.  We've already released installents 1-3, with 4 & 5 coming over the next two months, respectively.  You can get your hands on the latest, a short blast of unconsciousness titled "Too Much (Is Never Enough)".  It's free, like most everything these days, and it sounds best when played really loud and somewhat tipsy.  Or really tipsy.  Your choice. 

In August we're heading North for a weekend, with shows in Byron Bay and our fav venue in Brisbane, X & Y Bar, and then coming home to Sydney for our album launch at Spectrum, an excellent venue that we have not graced since we opened up for Boy & Bear way back in 2009 and things got very, very messy. 

Say hi if it's been a while.  If you dig what you hear please tell a friend or tell the world.  No matter what, it means a lot.

Cheers for now.  Play it loud.

+ Over it. Burned. Head North and do it again + 

Hey all Royal Chantonians,

thanks to everyone for coming out and getting rowdy with us these past couple of months.  Drums in the air from the stage on a lonely night in Newcastle, sticky and friendly as always at the Lansdowne, familiar faces at the Oxford Art Factory, and then all quiet on the Western Front at FBi Social following ANZAC Day.  Some victories, some laughs, some beers, some fuzz.  Ah well, chalk it up to age & miles.  Cynic. 

Anyway, instead of griping about worthless shit we can't control I guess it's verbs better spent on celebrating the things we can.  Thanks to Dave Hammer at DefWolf for helping us pound out our latest release, Hesitation Kills.  We like it very much, and cheers to all the stations in Oz and around the world who have helped us spread the word.  We also headed into TLS Studios with old friend Ajay Bawden to start bashing out new material for our next EP, which will probably come out right as we're leaving for the States in the Spring.  By then I reckon we'll need a vacation. 

That's all from here.  Support your local music, live & loud, and we thank all of you for doing that for us.  Our latest upcoming tour dates are coming soon, but for now please accept a half-eaten bag of Cheetos to tide you over. 



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